Would like to meet…

Are you interested in connecting with others working in Chemistry Education Research? Have you lots of data but would like to collaborate with a stats whiz? Have you a great approach that you would like to pilot in other classrooms? Would you like to find a critical friend to share writing developments?

This page aims to help foster connections between interested people so that mutually beneficial collaborations can develop. Collaboration by sharing expertise can strengthen publication/outputs and lead to a much greater understanding of what it is you are interested in.

Anyone interested can post short “ads” expressing their interests, so that others looking to collaborate can connect.

In the comments, leave a short note that describes:

  1. What you are interested in:
  2. What you are looking for in terms of connecting with others:
  3. How people can contact you (email/social media/link to your website): If you wish to remain anonymous here that is fine, but obviously anyone who contacts you will need to know who you are!)

5 thoughts on “Would like to meet…

  1. I’m Katherine Haxton, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at Keele. My CER interests primarily focus around the use of diagnostic tests to inform teaching, curriculum design (particularly workload models), and education for sustainable development. I’d be interesting in collaborating or picking the brains of someone with some statistical know-how, particularly around analysis of diagnostic test data that includes confidence scales. I muddle through currently but my brain has high permeability for statistical methods.
    I would be happy to share/collaborate on the diagnostic tests project with anyone teaching spectroscopy (probably 1st year UK level) or multinuclear NMR (probably 2nd year level). Also interested in expanding the range of topics covered by the 1st year level test to include common misconceptions from pre-uni study.


    • Hi Katherine, I’ve just taken on second year NMR and am looking to revamp the existing course. Would be interested in having a chat if I can be of help with the project. Thanks Gan


  2. I am Kristy Turner, I am a school teacher fellow teaching at Bolton School (ind, boys’ secondary) and the School of Chemistry at the University of Manchester. I teach a variety of chemistry students from y7 though to 2nd year UG and supervise MChem project students. My interests lie in transition between school and university study, basic skills in school pupils, creative teaching methods, barriers to learning, assessment (especially question design including cognitive load and accessibility) and facilitating and evaluating collaborations.

    I would like to meet people with direct experience of alternative methods such of assessment (beyond exams) especially in the area of organic chemistry. I would also like to connect with people who can offer me a data set from outside of my own local area and school (in return I can get you great data on boys from the 1st and 2nd quartile ability wise as measured by cognitive ability test) especially with respect to my basic skills work. I have a working knowledge of SPSS for statistical analysis and am very much learning on the job with it. I am happy to welcome people to school, even if it’s just for a ‘look, see’ and can offer you an excellent school dinner 🙂


  3. Hi All,
    My name is Barry Ryan and I am lecturer in Biochemistry and Biotechnology in Dublin Institute of Technology. I’ve an interest in several fields of (Bio)Chemistry Educational Research (currently broadly in the areas of Technology Enabled Learning, Undergraduate Research Experience, Graduate Researchers as Teachers, Data Driven Teaching Practice, Widening Participation via Citizen/Community Science).

    I’d like to connect with people researching in to the areas mentioned above in general. More specifically, I’d like to chat with people that are teaching Organic Chemistry at A-level or introductory level first year UG to take part in a collaborative ‘students as producers’ study across multiple institutes using PeerWise as a scaffold.

    You can catch me on my email (details here) or on Twitter @CBS_Lecturer


  4. I am Dino Spagnoli, lecturer and coordinator of first year studies in chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Western Australia. I may be down-under, but it would be great to set up some collaborations/conversations with people from back home. My primary interest is in laboratory learning in tertiary education. I have several projects in this area. These include probing the affective domain by measuring the factors that contribute to anxiety in the laboratory, evaluating and developing new online technologies used to prepare students for the laboratory, developing criteria for micro accreditation (digital badges) for laboratory skills, and determining if digital badges motivates students to learn in the laboratory.

    I would like to connect with people that have an interest in any of the above topics and I would be very happy to set up collaborations. I do require help in instrument validation. I get very confused when I read in the literature about validation of a survey or a diagnostic tool. Therefore, I would like to meet anyone that has experience in validation of surveys and diagnostic tools.


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