We run a regular webinar series (an online seminar, which because they are organised through CERG we are affectionately calling CERGinar…) You can register to receive updates and link to webinars (unlike previously, you only need to register once to receive ongoing alerts).

2018 – 2019 Season

Vanessa Kind, Durham University

  • September 19th 4 PM (British Summer Time)
  • Pedagogical content knowledge: lessons from research and policy for improving teaching quality” – recording available

Santiago Sandi Ureña, University of Costa Rica

  • October 24th, 7 PM BST
  •  “Phenomenological characterization of learning in the college chemistry laboratory” – recording available

 — Clocks go back an hour at end of October, and in UK we rejoin GMT —

Scott Lewis, University of South Florida

  • November 28th 7 PM GMT (2 PM EST)
  • At-risk students and equity in post-secondary introductory chemistry” – recording available
  • This webinar is kindly supported by Learning Science

Early Career Researcher Webinar

  • January 23rd, 7 PM GMT (2 PM EST and 1 PM CST) (2 x 30 min presentations)
  • Kinsey Bain, Michigan State University: “It’s just math: Investigating undergraduate student understanding of chemical kinetics
  • Maia Popova, University of Nebraska – Lincoln: “Organic chemistry students’ challenges with coherence formation between reactions and reaction coordinate diagrams

Renée Cole, University of Iowa

  • February 27th, 7 PM GMT (1 PM CST)

 Gwendolyn Lawrie, University of Queensland

  • March, TBC 

 Sam Pazicni, University of New Hampshire

  • April, TBC

Stacey Lowery Bretz, Miami University

  • May, TBC



2017 – 2018 Season (including recordings)


2 thoughts on “CERGinar

    • Sorry for delay in getting time of next seminar up. It’s 3PM GMT (4 PM British standard time). Delayed as I was paranoid about clock changes so wanted to triple check.

      I will try to arrange May time shortly so people can plan in advance!


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