CERG Mentoring Scheme

The Chemistry Education Research Group (CERG) aims to promote Chemistry Education Research at all levels of education and to disseminate these research findings. In order to support the personal development of all members of the group, CERG is currently coordinating a pilot Mentoring Scheme.

Academic Mentoring aims to foster a guiding, supportive and coaching relationship between a mentee and a mentor. There is a reciprocal benefit of such a relationship; both parties gain from the symbiotic interactions over the mentoring period.

In the CERG pilot Mentoring Scheme mentors and mentees will be aligned based on common areas of Chemistry Education Research interest (i.e. areas/topics a mentee would like support in which align to areas/topics from a self-identified corresponding mentor). Both mentor and mentee will receive training and support from CERG during the initial setting up of the mentor/mentee relationship. Each mentoring relationship will be moderated by the mentor and mentee and will be focussed on a clear set of outcomes. It is envisaged that the mentoring relationship with be conducted online for a mutually agreed time period.

Those seeking to mentor, and those seeking mentorship (i.e.mentees), should complete this expression of interest form.

Further queries can be directed to the CERG Mentoring Coordinator, Barry Ryan (Barry.Ryan[at]TUDublin.ie).

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