Vanessa Kind Webinar – 19th Sept

Our 2018-2019 webinar season began in September, with a presentation from Dr Vanessa Kind, Durham University. The recording is below.


The lecture discusses the expectations societies have for their teachers, introducing factors required for “quality teaching”. Current teacher preparation methodologies in many nations operate a deficit model that focuses on providing potential teachers with information deemed necessary to function as a teacher, allied to a “master-apprentice” system to develop classroom teaching strategies. The impact on student achievement is mixed: international data shows that some well-funded jurisdictions perform at or below average, and outcomes for students vary. The lecture explores research evidence illustrating “great teaching”, identifying components that seem consistently essential for high attainment. Pedagogical content knowledge is presented, and analysed from the perspective of teacher preparation policies in five contrasting jurisdictions. Empirical evidence illustrating the quality of pedagogical content knowledge teachers require will be presented. The lecture concludes with a proposal for a teacher quality framework model and recommendations for policy and practice.

Dr. Vanessa Kind

Vanessa was a biochemist and worked in molecular biology prior to becoming a chemistry teacher. Vanessa has held senior roles as a Department Head, Principal of an International School in Norway and Director of a Science Learning Centre delivering teacher professional development. Her research explores how teachers’ science subject knowledge, beliefs, views about science, self-confidence and attitudes impact student learning outcomes. Vanessa contributes to international debate on teacher knowledge and connections between science teacher education policy and practice, and has written extensively about pedagogical content knowledge. Vanessa’s current projects include a UK-wide study of practical work in science and an ESRC-DfiD project on Transforming Pedagogy in STEM Subjects working with teachers in Ethiopia. Previous work includes a British Academy Newton Mobility Award project on chemistry teacher knowledge in South Africa; preparation of a diagnostic test of chemistry teachers’ subject knowledge for the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC); and a Wellcome Trust project developing students’ understandings of stem cell research and human cloning via the medium of law.  Vanessa has contributed to international doctoral training schools in Italy, Oslo, Austria and South Africa. She was appointed Fellow of the RSC in 2008, chaired the RSC’s Chemical Education Research Group from 2008 – 2015, and served on the Society’s Education Division Council from 2012 – 2015. She is a Fellow of the Royal Societies of Arts and Biology. Vanessa was Honorary Associate Professor at the Hong Kong Institute of Education from 2009 – 2013. She is an Associate Editor of Research in Science Education and an Editorial Board member for International Journal of Science Education.
Image for Vanessa Kind webinar showing date and time - 19th Sept 4 - 5 pm BST

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