2019 Teacher Researcher Fellowship Scheme announced

Based on the success of our first cohort of teacher-researchers, the Chemical Education Research Group is looking forward to welcoming a new group. The range of subjects investigated by the first group has been very diverse, as their reports demonstrate, and we hope that this breadth of topics will characterise the work done during the 2018-19 scheme. The scheme supports teacher-researcher Fellows through funding and mentoring.

The aim of the scheme is to support entry level or very early researchers, in order to extend the chemistry/science education community and to produce findings which will be of interest (and use) to other educators.

This scheme seeks to support four members of teaching staff who may be working in school, higher education or other educational establishment, to undertake a small-scale piece of action research on the teaching of chemistry in their work place. (Chemistry education could be considered as part of the broader science curriculum but there must be some explicit focus on chemistry education). It will be practically focused, with a light demand for literature, and will not be academically accredited. A maximum of £1000 will be offered to reimburse for out-of-pocket expenses, including supply cover where needed and/ or attendance at an event for dissemination of the research. (Subject to final confirmation, further funding for agreed purposes may be available too). As importantly, applicants will receive mentoring from allocated CERG members as they carry out their research.

For further information, or an application form, contact jane.essex@strath.ac.uk. Applications should be received no later than 31st October 2018. We acknowledge the partnership of the Educational Techniques Group in this scheme.

2 thoughts on “2019 Teacher Researcher Fellowship Scheme announced

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