CERG Strategic Plan 2018-21 open for consultation

Last month the CERG committee met to review our progress and plan out what we want to achieve. We are very keen to keep growing our work and activities, and in order to ensure this is done in a sustainable way, we have made a three year strategic plan. We intend to sign this off in September, but are first looking for feedback (educators: pens to the ready…!)

The plan aims to cover three areas of activity. The “Resources” are of activity is where we can act as a portal for useful information for those interested in CER, both our own that we create as well as links to useful material already in existence. The “Support” area of activity aims to quantify the kinds of interactions we want to have with members – supporting them financially through bursaries and intellectually through conferences, mentoring, and away days focussing on particular topics. Finally, the “Influence” activity is where we intend to use our collective influence with the RSC in advocating CER, as well as using our own platform to highlight good work among our membership.

What have we left out? What should we focus on? What would you do if you were on the Committee? If you have any feedback, please add a comment below or tweet #cergstrategy prior to 6th August and we will include your comment in our discussions prior to signing off the final strategy. If there are any queries that need to be addressed before then, please contact the Secretary, Michael Seery, at michael.seery@ed.ac.uk

A text version of this image follows

Text version of plan:

Activity 1: To resource – to be a useful resource for those embarking and continuing with chemistry education research

Specific activities 2018-2021

Continue webinar series to highlight world leading research in CER

Build a library of resources showcasing research projects & career pathways of our members, and aligning CER activities to professional standard frameworks

Establish a resource bank and links of research-related resources, good practice guides, links to appropriate journals, etc

Activity 2: to support – to provide financial and intellectual support, especially for those at early- and mid-career stages

Specific activities 2018 – 2021:
Commit to CERG Teacher-Researcher scheme (Education Research Fellows) for period 2018-2021

Continue to support CER events such as MICER as well as regional activities

Pilot mentor “clinic” scheme for guiding members through particular research activities

Pilot an away day/immersion day for feasibility and impact

Activity 3: to influence – to be an influential voice regarding chemistry education and chemistry education research within and beyond the RSC

Specific activities 2018 – 2021:
Work with the Society at corporate and Division level to ensure member-led, evidence based approaches to decision making regarding education

Raise the profile of discipline based education research and the consequent need for funding

Recognise and provide a platform for research conducted by our membership


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