Vicente Talanquer webinar – 23rd May

Links mentioned in webinar:

Many chemistry students have difficulties understanding and applying core chemical ideas and ways of thinking to build explanations and make predictions about the properties of diverse chemical systems. The analysis of student thinking based on the identification of intuitive assumptions about the nature of chemical substances and processes, together with the characterization of short-cut reasoning strategies used to make judgments and decisions can help us better explain the difficulties that students face when learning chemistry. This way of analyzing student reasoning has several pedagogical advantages. First it helps us make sense of and bring coherence to a variety of reported alternative conceptions and common student errors in different chemistry topics. Moreover, it facilitates making predictions about students’ ideas and difficulties in many areas. Finally, it provides a framework for implementing instruction that better scaffolds student learning as well as for designing assessments that more effectively elicit what students actually understand.

CERGinar Talanquer-01

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