Invitation to contribute to #ChemEdCarnival 2

Last month Katherine Haxton started a new blog carnival over on her blog on the topic of chemistry education. In her words, a carnival is “where a bunch of bloggers write posts on a specific theme proposed by the host. On carnival day, the host publishes a blogpost with links to all the posts and encourages traffic to the participating blogs“. CERG are hosting the second Chem Ed Carnival, and we invite all of our readers to consider contributing. Contributing means that you will get to share your thoughts on the carnival topic, and have those thoughts shared with a much larger audience.

How does it work:

The carnival topic this month is: “What education research has most influenced your practice?” In keeping with the theme and tone of Katherine’s first topic, we have kept the question purposefully broad. Anybody with thoughts are welcome to contribute – it mightn’t necessarily be specific to chemistry education. To contribute, you simply need to:

  1. Write a blog post* before April 12th on the above topic.
  2. Post a comment on this blog post, linking to your post.
  3. On Carnival Day, a blog post linking to all blog posts will be published on this website, along with some summary comments.

If you don’t have a blog, or prefer another medium, you can link to anything you like, once it is in digital format (e.g. Twitter thread, YouTube video, photograph…)

We look forward to seeing the contributions!

8 thoughts on “Invitation to contribute to #ChemEdCarnival 2

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