Welcome to our new website

Our new website

We aim to use this space for lots of reasons. These include to disseminate activities of the group, which we are planning to include journal discussions, webinars, meetings, connecting Group members with similar interests, summaries of interesting research approaches, and guest articles from experts in the field. But this is a Group website, and we are keen to make it a space that members of the RSC Chemistry Education Research Group can contribute to. Our plans are bigger than our small Committee can achieve alone, so please do get involved. Let us know your ideas!

Checking membership status

The website is open to all, and aims to support our mission of promoting and disseminating research at all levels of chemistry education. To ensure that you receive communications from the Royal Society of Chemistry, please make sure that you are a member of the Chemical Education Research Interest Group by contacting the RSC Networks team (See link to Membership Department), or by ticking the Interest Group box on your annual subscription renewal form. This ensures that your membership of the group is formally recorded. As well as meaning you will receive correspondence, the money allocated to the Group by the RSC is decided by the number of members. More members means we can achieve more.

Getting updates

Group members will receive occasional update emails via the RSC Networks Team, but if you want to get them more regularly, ensure to subscribe to the updates from the website as they are posted. There is a Subscribe button in the right hand menu, or if you are using a tablet/phone, it is at the bottom of the page. Subscribing means that your email is used by WordPress to update you when a new post is added to the website and for no other reason. Email addresses are not held by any member of the Committee.

Off we go

We are looking forward to getting started with activities for the 2017 – 2018 year, so do keep an eye for updates and join us in developing our shared interest of chemistry education research!

On behalf of the CERG Committee,

Michael Seery

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